5 years of building experience

Previously known as Vadact Build Team, Qubion Creative Build Team has been building for over 4 years. The experience gained over the years allows us to utilize the maximum of creativity.

Services We Offer

Impressive Structures

Our builders are specialized in making impressive structures in any situation. From little sheds to megabuilds, everything is possible.

Amazing Atmospheres

Atmosphere is the key to an impressive build. Our focus on atmosphere is as important to us as the actual buildings on the build themselves.

Unique Techniques

Our builders are skilled with various techniques such as WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. Using these tools, they are able to work effectively.

Custom Terrain

Terrain is visible everywhere on a build. Therefore it is important that it is executed correctly. Our builders are capable of creating amazing landmasses.

Fast Services

The skill of our builders helps us to provide fast services to our clients. Some builds can even be made within a day.

Public Server

We have a public server hosted by Shotbow. Our team of moderators helps our community with improving their building skills. Everyone is welcome!

About Us

We are actively participating in the Minecraft creative building community. We run a public creative building server where we and the community aim to help other players in exploring and expanding their own creative building style, develop new techniques, and learn with us along the way. We will soon be launching a YouTube channel featuring tutorials, Let's Builds, cinematics of team projects, and sometimes plot spotlights of some of the most inspiring projects and plots players have built on our creative server over at Shotbow. Next to the activities on our public creative server, we are also helping out individual servers and networks in the Minecraft community.

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Daily Operations


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