Hiring the team

There are a few ways to contact the Qubion Build Team. The best way of getting in touch with us is by sending an email to contact@Qubion.net We usually try to respond to emails as soon as possible. If you are interested in hiring the Qubion Build Team we require you to send us an email containing more information about a certain project you are interested in. After the email has been received, we will try to answer it as soon as possible, as commissions have a priority over the usual emails that we receive. Next to our email you are also able to find us on Twitter, Youtube and Planet Minecraft. You can visit these platforms by clicking the buttons below in the footer.

Joining the team

You can check if we are currently have an application open for Moderator at Qubion Creative or Builder at Qubion Build Team. Check http://qubion.net/apply/ for an overview of these applications. Are you interested in joining the team but there is no application available for the position you want to join the team as? You can always send us an email at contact@qubion.net or by clicking the email button in the footer below. Please take in mind that it is not possible to apply for an administration position as these are carefully selected from both Qubion Creative and Qubion Build Team.