Lord of the Rings

Inspired by J.R.R Tolkien series “Lord of the Rings” and built for AtlanticCraft, this map features many elements from Tolkiens classic series packed into a 1k by 1k area. From the lands of Gondor across the river to the black lands of Mordor, this map attempts to capture the spirit of Tolkien’s epic while still providing an opportunity for enjoyable gameplay. On the Gondor side of things first and foremost is Minas Tirith or the “White City”. With its massive walls and impressive terrain, Minas Tirith consists of many completed interiors, library, bank, stable, restaurants, barracks and Captains quarters along with many living quarters. Scale the formidable walls of the city or climb to the top and see the White Tree of Merethrond lying in front of the citadel. From Minas Tirith travel east along the river (past the Entmoot) to a small village where a naval battle ensues or cross south to the black lands of Mordor. Once you cross the bridge south, be wary. Mordor’s forces have begun to rebuild, establishing war camps and siege engines, decimating the landscape with industry and corruption. To the west of the war camp reside the dwellings of Sauron’s acolytes, and beyond a path to the queen of all spiders. To the east of the war camp the Dead Marshes, land of forgotten battles. Directly behind the war camp stands the ominous Black Gates, and the dark fortress of Barad Dur. Here Sauron, guarded by his Nine, await the capture of the One Ring and the annihilation of all of Middle Earth. Behind Barad Dur to the east stands a massive Balrog, enchained and subdued by Sauron the beast yearns to be freed, to wreak havoc upon the lands.

Project Type



Team Project




3 months


November 2014