Welcome to our Weeky Plot Spotlight! This week’s plot spotlight goes to Pelop! He made a fantastic 35×35 fantasy plot! Pelop made this plot as an Apprentice and it took him 2 months to finish it! He double-ranked with it straight to Ledari. It features large terrain, a large underground area, a giant structure, a dragon and various other organics and structures! His main intention was to show a dragon guarding his nest. The dragon destroys the giant, multi-floored structure while doing that. The plot has a big oak tree on top. The terrain is very well done and has multiple layers of elevation. On the different levels of the terrain, various structures and small secrets can be found. The previous mentioned dragon’s nest as example. All in one he greatly mixed together all types of organics, structures, terrain, detailing and depth.

Well done Pelop! Thank you for this great plot!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for next week’s Plot Spotlight! Maybe it will be yours!

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Pelop’s Plot