Welcome to our Weekly Plot Spotlight | Week 10!

This week we have a plot of the user Pantherium, a Ledari on our server. Pantherium made a 35×35 plot with a fantasy theme. There is loads of smooth and beautiful terrain, which has a green-brownish palette. It features very nice structure which is detailed nicely and not too small. Furthermore there is a pretty big dragon which winds around the plot. It features pretty organics aswell which are not too big and not too small. It looks kind of angry while doing so. I asked Pantherium about her plot and this is what I got:

Well, I wanted to achieve a double rank with this plot and tried my best! I am very happy that I got that double rank.

This indeed got a double-rank straight to Ledari because it shows the previous building experience of Pantherium. I am excited for the Centurion plot. All in one this is a nice plot with a good portion of every aspect.

Thanks for this plot, Pantherium!

Stay tuned for next week’s plot spotlight , maybe it will be yours!

Plot Size:




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X = 2710 Z = -3566

Pantherium’s Plot