Welcome to our Weeky Plot Spotlight | Week 3!

This week’s plot spotlight goes to: HuggedToDeath!

She made a medieval plot with multilayered terrain, and features organics and terrain in a very nice way! The higher the plot goes, the more structure can be found. The plot featurs 3 structures, 2 organics and a waterwheel gaining some movement energy from a waterfall. It features a cave aswell, with 2 whisps.At the lowest spot of the terrain is a little ocean featuring 2 small boats, carrying some supplies. Even tho the boats are so small, HuggedToDeath applied nice detail to them! They add some nice atmosphere too! All in one this plot looks very nice, combining terrain, structure and organics.

Thanks for this plot, HuggedToDeath!

Stay tuned for next week’s plot spotlight, maybe it will be yours!

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HuggedToDeath’s Plot