Welcome to our Weeky Plot Spotlight | Week 3!

This week’s plot spotlight goes to : Eloiy!

Eloiy is a Centurion on our server and he made a 35×35 Steampunk plot! It features multiple layers of terrain and 3 tower-like structures! On the lowest part of the plot is a small “pond” with a small ship. Even tho it is so small , the ship has some great detailing. The rest of the plot has nice detailing aswell! An small airship is there aswell , at the highest part of the plot. I asked Eloiy about his plot and this is what he said :

Steampunk, what a lovely theme! I always love to use the wood and stone blocks together. I was inspired by Game4Aaron while making this build.

He is indeed right with the “Steampunk , what a lovely theme!” Hard to master , but when someone really is good at steampunk it will look nice everytime. The plot really has some nice organics , structure and terrain. I even found some small caves while exploring. All in one it is a great plot!

Thanks for this plot , Eloiy!

Stay tuned for next week’s plot spotlight , maybe it will be yours!

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Eloiy’s Plot