Welcome to our Weeky Plot Spotlight | Week 5!

This time we have a 35×35 plot , made by a Buildteam member on our server called AxewEmolga. The theme is Gothic / Dark and it really has some nice atmosphere. It features a big main structure and a small baloon , which is floating lonely above the plot. At the lowest part of the plot is a cave with a boat in it. Above is a small “swampy” area , with some trees with dark leaves , looking like they are smoking. When you view the plot at night , it gets really dark and spooky. AxewEmolga even mentioned that :

“View the plot at night for a better and spookier atmosphere!”

What I like aswell is the unusual palette : Endstone and Netherrack. Normally you see those two blocks very rare at builds , but in this case they look very nice like any other build of AxewEmolga. Maybe you will see one of his plots again in a Spotlight , who knows? But for this time it will stay this one.

Thanks for this plot , AxewEmolga!

Stay tuned for next week’s plot spotlight , maybe it will be yours!

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AxewEmolga’s Plot