Welcome to our Weeky Plot Spotlight | Week 6!

This time we have a 35×35 plot , made by Ledari on our server called Calfistein. He went with an oriental theme for his amazing plot. Calfistein’s plot features many layer of terrain , various big structures and a big dragon. While flying around I spotted some small cherry-blossom trees and a waterfall. This plot is one of those plot’s which show that the sky is the limit , as he nearly hit the Sky limit. The dragon winds up around multiple structures and some parts of the terrain. At the bridge part of the plot Calfistein made a small temple with the Yin-Yang Symbol on the ground. The structure on his plot is well detailed and the palette really fits. The dragon is really well made aswell and surely looks frightening and nice at the same time. All in one Calfistein did a really great plot with great organics , nice structure and fancy terrain. That’s why he also got double-ranked from Apprentice to Ledari with this plot. He really deserved it.


Thanks for this plot , Calfistein!

Stay tuned for next week’s plot spotlight , maybe it will be yours!

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Calfistein’s Plot