Welcome to our Weekly Plot Spotlight | Week 7!

This week we have a plot of  Build Team member on our server! Im sure you heared from him in a previous Plot Spotlight. His username is AxewEmolga and this time he made a 100×100 plot , with a Megastructure. The plot features a huge mega-structure with a small bridge leading to it. Under it is a small river/ocean with a small ship , which is pretty nicely detailed despite it’s size. At a corner of the plot is a singe tower , connected with the bridge leading to the megastructure. Organic-wise there are many trees, some symetric ones , some natural ones. The megastructure features multiple layers and offers some great detailing and depth. All aspects of the plot really fit together and are very nicely combined. That’s probably why AxewEmolga is in our Buildteam.

Thanks for this plot , AxewEmolga!

Stay tuned for next week’s plot spotlight , maybe it will be yours!

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X: -167 Z: -3

AxewEmolga’s Plot