Welcome to our Weekly Plot Spotlight | Week 9!

This week we have a plot of DragonWold , a Ledari on our Server! He filled a 35×35 entirely with structure , showing that there indeed is space. Every structure on the plot is provided with interior and amazing small detail. In the middle is a river , and some cranes either getting boats out of water or putting them back in. There is a smith , some merchants , and some houses for the people who live there. When I asked DragonWold what he wanted to achieve with the plot he said this :

I wanted to capture the feel of a busy medieval port and I wanted to create a build where you could see how the structures are stacked upon eachother!

The interior of each of the houses is very detailed and gives it a very cozy feeling. When you view the plot at night time , it gets even better. The structures stacked upon eachother gives the plot a cramped look , in a good way tho. I hope that there will be more plots of this kinds in the later plot spotlights , they look very nice. But this one is the nicest so far.

Thanks for this plot , DragonWold!

Stay tuned for next week’s plot spotlight , maybe it will be yours!

Plot Size:




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X = 12830 Z = 12601


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