Specimen 359 “Persona Cantu”

The Persona Cantu is currently known to be a hybrid of several animals. Current observations show a body and horns of a deer, feathers and head of a hooded crow and torso of a human. Specimen is observed to be about 265cm tall, weighing about 100kg. Further study of anatomy needed. Every time it appears, a minimum of two hooded crows appear, but this can grow up to ten at a time. It has been seen carrying a deer hunting rifle, with unlimited and unique ammunition.

Specimen does not have one current origin. See log #3 for current containment procedures. The specimen appears near locations of low density – low security populations, such as [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], particularly in cities; however predicting when it will appear has not been successful. See log #4-8 for details. When specimen arrives at a location (see below for method of travel), it goes through three stages.

Stage 1- One warning shot. Field workers that may be on sign for unrelated concerns, cannot locate the exact origin of where the sound comes from. The bullet creates a distinc sound, that described of a hollow whistle that can last from 4-12 seconds.

Stage 2- Specimen appears, and shoots any person within its immediate vicinity. However, these bullets have anomalous qualities and will only knock out the person for up to twenty-four hours. No injury or shell can be detected. Specimen on some occasions have walked down the street, continuously attacking, hitting up to [REDACTED] people.

Stage 3- When personnel with strong defensive and offensive weapons arrive, the specimen flees through alleyways and cannot be found from a bird’s eye view. Using [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] personnel discover that it travels most likely by pocket dimensions.

See dr. [REDACTED] and agent [REDACTED] for more details.

More information on Planet Minecraft: pmc.la/ydMHb.

Project Type

Planet Minecraft Contest





2 weeks


March 2017