Temple of Champions

Shrouded in a shifting mist, far beyond the garden of the Hesperides lies a temple, forgotten by all those but the three Sisters of Fates. Lying on the borders of the mortal realm, the Olympian heights, and the stony shores of Tartarus, it is whispered that only those chosen to be champions may walk its ancient, crumbling paths. Legends are born here, their names carried over sea and through lofty skies to the halls of the immortals themselves. What challenge shall you face in this realm beyond realms?…
Built for the Arkham Network, this grand landscape serves as a spawn for a series of ancient myth-themed Prison mines, and was designed by Qubion builders Echto and S_Jones. Render made by Rajkkor

Project Type



Echto & S_Jones


Arkham Network


1 week


July 2015